Membership shall be open to staff of all tertiary institutions in Aotearoa New Zealand teaching Japanese language and Japanese studies. This includes sessional and contractual staff.

In addition, graduates of Japanese programmes of these institutions, school teachers of Japanese language and Japanese studies, representatives of the business sector with an involvement with Japan, and any organization which shares the goals and aims of JSANZ are invited to join.


The organization is headed by an Executive Committee comprised of representatives of all programmes teaching Japanese language and/or Japanese studies in New Zealand tertiary institutions, in addition to members representing key external stakeholders or with specific roles. If the representative is not able to attend meetings of the Executive, they may nominate someone else from their institution or organization to attend in their place.


The President of JSANZ, supported by two Vice-Presidents, will be elected from and by members of the Executive. The position will be held for up to three years.

Statement of purpose

JSANZ is an advocacy network for Japanese language education and Japanese studies at tertiary level in Aotearoa New Zealand. Its purpose is to

  • provide a forum to unite and support Japanese language and Japanese studies educators
  • advocate for the promotion of Japanese language and Japanese studies
  • raise awareness of the value of Japanese linguistic and cultural proficiency in the wider community, with policymakers and in the business sector
  • promote research and other activities which will strengthen Japanese language and Japanese studies
  • facilitate the nationwide sharing of best practice
  • improve student pathways across sectors and into employment
  • collaborate with other bodies to advance the cause of language and cultural learning in general in Aotearoa New Zealand


Members will treat all matters with appropriate confidentiality.

Conflicts of interest

Members must declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest.